Gbaguidi, Tôkpéou G.S.

  • The Alidu sculpture is part of a larger installation entitled "Aux larmes qui coulent" (The tears that are shed).
  • The installation symbolizes a refugee boat.
  • Alidu is one of the people who lost their lives while fleeing political or economic constraints.

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  • The name Alidu is derived from the Arabic name Khalid or Khaled. It is given in honor of Khalid ibn al-Walid, a companion to the Prophet Mahomet, head of the Islamic armies.
  • The 53cm high sculpture was handmade from a bottle, recycled fabric and acrylic paints. It can be exhibited as a work of art on a table, a sculpture stand or a window sill. However, it can also be used as a bottle for drinks or the like. That is up to you as a prospect and buyer.

Tôkpéou Gbaguidi has worked as a visual artist since 1998. He uses paintings, installations, and sculptures to convey his messages. His works have been exhibited in Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, UK, France, Poland and Germany- his residence today.

Tôkpéou, born January 20, 1975 in Porto Novo, Benin, originally studied computer science. He later gave up his profession as programmer and graphic artist in order to fulfil his desire, quench his curiosity and realize his need to communicate through his art.

His artistic reflections, thoughts and concepts are the product of his surrounding environs. He is inspired by observations of daily life occurrences, nourished by numerous political and cultural elements.

Technique: Mixed Media
Year: 2017
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: People
Style: Contemporary Art
Image Size: 53 cm x 26 cm x 14cm
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: Brown
Secondary Color: Red
Comments: The sculpture weighs 1618g.
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)
Editions: 1 (Unique)

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