Dear friends of art

Colonia-Art wishes you a Merry Christmas and a good start into 2021.

For this purpose, we present you a selection of artworks that fit the cold but cozy season and the Christmas period.

The time of the corona pandemic and the 'social' distance rules continue to make it difficult for people to be together in a circle of loved ones. But art also has the power to connect and to create an inner bond.

Give your loved ones a gift this year by buying an artwork from Colonia-Art.

  • The "Between Space" series was produced from various materials such as paper, photocopies, 3D images as well as oil and acrylic colors and deals thematically with abstract landscapes. There is a precarious harmony between painterly elements and parts of 3D images. The work deals with the question of the balance between matter, color and the composition...

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    Design for a church window, Fauvism (Pre-Expressionism), simplification of the means of painting and strong color contrasts. Expression of the artist's inner visions of beauty, order, joy and enjoyment. The Christmas Night as a colorful message of the traditional idea of altruism.

  • Colored potographies of andscapes on canvas The motiv is seperarted, enclosed and disjointed by a network of lines Transformation of nature becoming art on canvas


  • Jonkman's works stand for a mysterious and cryptic expressionism. In his imagery, he creates different perspectives in which one can lose oneself. The second look at the scenery often disturbs the first picture maintenance, so that the powerful interaction of forms and intermediate forms create intelligent challenges of viewing.

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    Colour Lithography Handsigned  Marked Passe-Partout is inclusive!

    €86 €95 -10%
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    Exclusive and Beautiful Art offset print Nude woman in crème color painting. Print of Red Haired Woman with Green Eyes. The signature is printed lower right, it is not hand signed. The print is published by the original Munchforlaget A/S in Oslo. This artwork looks good in your gallery, hallway, living room or any other room.

    €1.148 €1.275 -10%

  • This work portrays the process of standing for your personal well being in times of limited visibility, though luck or a global pandemic.Catching your dream means saying no, limiting yourself and remaining focussed on the inner source of lounging. Not beining confused by all threads of communication, and social lines to others. Mixed media: acrylics,...

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    Painting is characterized by color brushstrokes, which break up the often strict composition.

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  • With an expressive brush stroke, two abstract elements move towards each other. The work is done in several layers of color and includes a subtle color design. Although a clear brush structure can be seen, the picture exudes calm and serenity. A work that dominates the room due to its size, but does not trigger any intrusiveness. The traces of color...