artwork renate vogel stelling

The fantastic World of Fabulos and Waves Women


The renowned artist is represented in over 70 solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad and was nominated for the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1997.

Expressive Realism: Horse impressions from the series WELLENWEIBER in Revost structure.

The reason for this choice is that the photos from the WELLENWEIBER series in particular have an exciting tinting power. The braid-like structure provides different shades and reflections.
Tribute to Kandinsky kunstwerk door Riekje Lammers

Riekje Lammers: Tribute to Kandinsky


A tribute to Kandinsky in acrylic on canvas.

Riekje Lammers paints realistic and abstract. In every compostion she searches for the game that lines, shapes and shadows play with each other.

The artist knows how to bring and reinterpret the legacy of modern art in contemporary discourse.
Flower artwork by Donald Baechler

Donald Baechler: Flower


Collage-like painting-drawing in the style of Neo-Expressionism: colour silkscreen and collage.

Versions of reality, which Baechler calls "illusion of history".

Art in the field of collage and pop art still makes an important contribution to dealing with everyday culture and is therefore so popular.
Bodies in Movement 2 Kutschera art

Josef A. Kutschera: Bodies in Movement 2


Kutschera exhibits in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, England, Denmark, Italy.

As a multifaceted artist, he creates dynamics through written brushstrokes, moving structures and line layers. The resulting nuances can be figurative, powerfully prominent, but always remain open to interpretation.

The method of recreating and inventing form and colour speaks for the choice. His works create impressions of what is hidden under the surface of real things.
Dil + Suret II - Art - Murat Morova

Murat Morova: Dil + Suret II

KC00799, Series I-IV

Since graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University, Morova has participated in many exhibitions. He is also one of the most respected Turkish human rights activists.

The Turkish writings on the glass is called "under-glass" technique and can be seen schematically on the underlying paper.

The special collage-like technique speaks for the choice. The writings from Morova's diary create a very personal work and also show the aesthetics of calligraphy.
Saad Jasim kunst art

Saad Jasim: The water returned to the Marshes


Saad studied graphic art at the art academy in Baghdad. After his studies he worked as a photojournalist in his native country Iraq.

Portrait of a girl who lives in the swamps which have dried out of water since the 1980s due to the war between Iran and Iraq.

The artist often works with scenes from everyday life, in Europe and in his native Iraq. Touching moments that are captured atmospherically and revolve around the theme of home.
Wim Jonkman kunst art

Wim Jonkman: Gebakkelei


Wim Jonkman (1947, Winterswijk, Netherlands) is an artist specialized in (stone) color lithography and has teached as a professor of lithography at the art academy in Groningen, Netherlands.

Jonkman's pictorial worlds stand for a mysterious and cryptic expressionism, in whose different perspectives in which one can lose oneself.

Jonkman creates exciting and mysterious scenes that challenge and seduce the viewer. He succeeds to take us on a visual journey of discovery.
curator biography art

Nora Wessel received her Bachelor's degree in Art History, Roman culture and Spanish in 2013 from the University of Osnabrück. In the spring of 2020 she received her master's degree at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, with a thesis on image science for modern and contemporary art and art theory. She has been working for Colonia-Art since the summer of 2019.

"For me, art is as essential as 'food', food for the mind and soul. Since childhood I have been fascinated by all forms of artistic expression. In addition to the so-called visual arts, I am also interested in music and literature. I am always Again touched and amazed by the immediacy and presence that are expressed in sound, poetry, performance and in color and form, these creative and primarily textless forms of communication create a universal language of discussion that everyone can understand and are therefore deeply human .

The current selection of "Curator's Choicve" should always reflect and breathe the diversity of artistic creation, that also represents the Colonia-Art platform."

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