Dear friends of art, Colonia Art wishes you a Merry Christmas and a good start into the year 2020.

For this we present a unique piece by the artist Christina Schnell. Her work Nuit de Noël 2019 is inspired by Henri Matisses (1869-1954) design for a church window from 1952.

Matisse's paintings in pure, expressive colours are an expression of the artist's inner visions of beauty, order, joy and enjoyment. The style of painting is characterized by a simplification of the means of painting and strong color contrasts, which made Matisse a co-founder of Fauvism in classical modernism. In addition, a longing for a pure experience, happiness and experience of nature can be felt in his pictures.

Christina Schnell takes up these sources of inspiration from nature, forms and colours and transports them into the present. In her collage, Matisse's strong, merry Christmas night is surrounded by symbols that stand for a new beginning and passing. At the same time, an ambiguous diagnosis of the present between abundance and human destructiveness becomes tangible.

Christina's interpretation of the Christmas Night and the message of altruism in her Nuit de Noël 2019 is a sign of an expansion of this thought to true love and responsibility for all living beings, especially those around us. With this in mind, we would also like to initiate a mentally stimulating pre-Christmas period.

Currently you can see and buy a high-quality silkscreen print by Matisses Nuit de Noël and the work Creation and Liberation by Christina Schnell in the sales exhibition in the gallery Bülles in Duisburg. These works as well as Christina Schnell's Nuit de Noël 2019 can also be purchased via the online shop.

Click here for Matisse's Nuit de Noël and here for works by Christina Schnell.