Natura Morte 7

Koukouwitakis, Evangelos

  • From the series "Natura Morte" still life
  • The photographic image of the withered flowers, rotten fruit, animal bones and broken glasses seems to preserve the objects, keep them alive and thus point them beyond death.

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  • The representative arrangements by Evangelos Koukouwitakis in the natura morte series are permeated with symbols of impermanence.
  • In their traditional imagination, they are reminiscent of baroque still lifes and vanitas motifs, which the artist visualized with impressive means using photographic means.
  • Therefore, the aspects of beauty inherent in dying and death are central to these traces of light

The artist was born in Greece in 1956 and studied at the University of Duisburg in Germany, where he also has his own artistic studio.
Koukouwitakis was also part of the founding of the Atelier am Springweil and won several prizes and scholarships such as the artist exchange between the city of Duisburg and the Artists' Association of the USSR in 1986 and the sponsorship award of the Great Art Exhibition NRW Düsseldorf in 1991.

Since 1979, there have been solo exhibitions and participation in exhibitions throughout Germany and internationally, such as in Russia and China.
Koukouwitakis is a member of the Düsseldorf Artists Association, Association for the Organization of Art Exhibitions. V. and in the West German Artists' Association.

His artistic process is unique: The carefully considered photographic images are printed onto photo films and finally combined in a further process with traces of a second movement, that of the drawing and painting hand. His means are gestural painting, smearing, dripping, running, doodling - painterly and graphic gestures that are executed quickly and decisively, hardly allow any corrections and therefore require the utmost concentration. The result of this combination of painting and photography is a clearly noticeable, extraordinary spatiality.

Movement, drama, pathos, they require direction in order not to drift into chaos or arbitrariness. Koukouwitakis does not just direct when he takes his photos. He also directs the arrangement of his works, as many of his works are multi-part and consist of an considerable number of image objects of the same format. As a block or hung in a row, they convey to us the sequence of an event and make us think of comics or a series of film stills.

Technique: Giclée Print
Year: 2020
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes 10/10
Topic: Still Life
Style: Realism
Total Size: 50x70cm
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Multi
Comments: Fine Art Print
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)
Editions: Edition of 10

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