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Artworks by Artist: Miras, Alejandro

Alejandro Miras, Barcelona, 1962
Study of drawing and painting en “Llotja”, Barcelona
Life drawing with the sculpture Mario Paccioli, Florence
Engraving with professor Vitti da Fiésole, Florence
Colour in the studio of Bonna Baraldi, Florence
Water-colour with the illustrator Lucia Massoni, Florence
Interior designer for University of Barcelona (IADE)

Also active as a teacher and winner of several art awards, among others:
Special mention in the National Exhibition of Watercolors of Barcelona (Caja Madrid foundation)
Barcelona City Council First Prize for the best collection of urban sketches in small format (Urban Sketching 2014)

Agora Gallery - Contemporary Fine Art - Chelsea, New York City (april 2020) - Galeria Kreisler, Barcelona - Galeria Il Punto, Florence …

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